Friday, 24 April 2009

Speak low, when you speak love...

It is with much enthusiasm that I bring you news of some summer shows. The boys at the Fitzrovia Radio Hour, have kindly booked us for the opening party of a new venue under the legendary Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, Friday May 29th. The new venue will be called The Underglobe, would you believe, and promises to be a very busy night with all the usual and not so usual accoutrements to the typical 21st century soiree.

From this, we hope to be starting a residency of sorts in the Swan bar, also attached to the Globe theatre, confirmed so far as Saturday June 6th, and 27th. We will play 2 sets (expect some covers) to the punters that would be spilling out from the Globe theatre after the play ends, about 10.30pm. This will be free entry, and should be quite an experience, with views over the Thames and St Pauls at night.

Perhaps come and see a play at the theatre then take some drinks after and allow us to serenade you. If it's a hot night, we may even be performing on the terrace. On June 6th the play is Romeo & Juliet, and on the 27th it will be As You Like It. For more information regarding the plays, please follow this link:
We still have some shows in some wonderful venues before the thespian onslaught begins however, the next one being this Tuesday in the West End:

28 Apr 2009 Bourne & Hollingsworth, Fitzrovia, London - Free
12 May 2009 Hope & Anchor, Islington, London - £5
14 May 2009 St Mary’s Church, Stoke Newington - £5
21 May 2009 The Camden Head w/ Joe Worricker (new Rough Trade signing), Camden, London - £5
29 May 2009 The Underglobe, Southbank, London - £TBC
6 Jun 2009 The Swan, Southbank, London - Free
27 Jun 2009 The Swan, Southbank, London - Free

It would be wonderful to see you on one of these balmy nights.


Monday, 6 April 2009

Mobile Bone

The time has come to stop fooling around with technical gadgets and get on with life. I have pretended for too long that they actually benefit me, make things easier. I have held on to the belief that I need them all to promote my music, but that clearly has no effect whatsoever. So from tonight I will start by consigning my mobile phone to a shut drawer, for one month.

I may of course be wrong about this technology malarkey. It may enhance my life after all, and I am more than willing to admit this fact, should it come to light. I will not however mask my gleeful anticipation at not being interrupted at any moment of the day, let alone the middle of the night.

I look forward with immense enthusiasm to my new lack of responsibility. No longer will I be called upon at 11th hour for anything. I envisage many hours spent in pubs waiting for flaky friends, but with a book and a pint of ale, what more could one need? My eyes will finally be free from the paranoid flickers to the phone display. "Have I received a text but I didn't hear it? Perhaps they rung while I was in transit and I never felt it vibrate in my pocket?"

Is it possible that silence can be as sweet as I imagine it to be? I shall report back in one month on my findings. Happy twiddling.